Broadband wireless Internet by Yota now bundled with a modem


The sales of USB modems designed for the first Russian Mobile WiMAX service Yota will kick off in St. Petersburg on November 1.

Yota offers its subscribers free unlimited Internet access until March 31, 2009.*

From this day on, the USB modem Samsung SWC-U200 will be available in St. Petersburg's largest electronics retail chains KEY, Svyaznoy, DIXIS and Teleforum. The modem provides connection to Yota network at a speed of up to 10 Mb/s within the coverage area. It carries built-in Yota Access software necessary for the connection.

At the beginning of sales, the network will operate in test mode covering Vasileostrovskiy and Petrogradskiy districts of St. Petersburg. It will also fragmentarily cover certain other districts within St. Petersburg. (The coverage area is growing constantly and rapidly. You can check it out on the Yota's web site.)

The recommended retail price for the Samsung SWC-U200 USB modem is 4500 RUB incl. VAT. Yota will provide free unlimited Internet access for all customers of this modem until March 31, 2009*. Upon the commercial launch of the network, the new base service plan will be applied for this type of devices. The monthly payment in the new service plan will be 900 RUB (inc. VAT). The new service plan will comprise unlimited Internet access with no speed or volume of traffic restrictions, as well as unlimited access to Yota's base catalog of popular music provided by world's largest record labels. Details on this catalog, its contents and terms of usage will be published soon.

Apart from the unlimited service plan offer, Yota subscribers will also be offered the Yota Day daily service plan worth 100 RUB a day (incl. VAT). This service plan will comprise unlimited access with no speed or volume of traffic restrictions.

Samsung SWC-U200 distribution package contains subscriber ID card carrying login and password, as well as modem setup instruction. Upon connecting the device to the PC, the Yota Access software launches automatically. After installing Yota Access software to the PC, the subscriber should register himself on the web site by entering login and password in the Self Care section. The whole installation process takes just several minutes. Upon the next connection, the Yota network will be automatically found within the coverage area.

All inquires concerning, but not limited to, Mobile WiMAX modems, network functioning and points of sales should be addressed to Yota's Contact center (8 800 700 55 00, toll free). Since November 1, 2008, the Contact center begins to operate 24 hours a day.

The start of sales in Moscow will be announced additionally.

*For terms and conditions, visit

Samsung SWC-U200 specifications:

Interface USB 2.0

Standard IEEE 802.16e Wave 2
Frequency band 2.5~2.7GHz

Dimensions 70 × 27 × 14mm
Weight 25g
Color white
Recommended price 4500 RUB (including VAT)

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